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Rehome & Rescue

A second chance


We understand that circumstances change for people all the time. The recent pandemic brought changes no-one expected and we are here to help. 

When circumstances do change, we are here to help find your guinea pig the best match in a new home. Whether your moving house, allergic or simply cannot care for them the way you use to, we can ensure they get the best care here. 

When you need to surrender an animal the process is simple. 

1. You contact us to surrender the animals.

2. An appointment is made to drop off the animal. 

3. The animal is checked, groomed and treated as necessary

4. An approved adopter will be contacted 

5. Your animal is adopted by one of our pre checked adopters.

The average time an animal spends in rescue is 15 days, we have a fast turnaround, ensuring your pet the best second chance they can get. 

If you need to surrender, click the link below to get in touch. 

Rehome & Rescue: About Us
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