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guineapig holiday care

Holiday Care

We all need a break

Everyone deserves a holiday and it can sometimes be stressful wondering who will look after your pet. 

We offer holiday care for when you fancy a break away meaning your piggies and rabbits will be in the best care possible. 

All you need to do is let us know if your pet has any special requirements and drop them off in a labelled carrier. We do the rest!

We cover the food/hay/veggies/bedding and they will have lots of cuddles whilst staying here. You can receive updates and pictures, if required, letting you know your pet is having just as much fun as you. 

Prices are as follows: 

£3 /night per piggie

£4 / night per rabbit 

Message us for more information and don't forget you can always add on a grooming session so they are freshly pampered when you collect them!

To book please click below.

Boarding Terms and Conditions

Boarding is £3 per piggie per night. We provide housing, hay and vegetables. Please feel free to bring their own food and feel free to bring their favourite treats.

Please let us know drop off and collection times as we plan appointments around these. This also makes sure that we are not busy when you arrive. Our opening times are Monday - 12 - 4

Tuesday - 12 - 4

Wednesday - Closed

Thursday - 12 - 4

Friday - 12 - 4

Saturday - 12 - 4

Sunday - Closed

We offer our pamper sessions during your piggie's stay. Short hair grooms are £8. Long hair grooms are £13.

Payment is paid upfront to secure your place. Please send your contact details along with the name, age and sex of your piggie(s).

We can also board a wide range of small animals and can offer home visits around the local area.

In the unfortunate event of a pet passing away while in the rescues care we can store the pet for owners to take home. By booking with the rescue owners understand this risk and Lancashire Guinea Pig Rescue can not be held responsible for sudden deaths.

If any fighting occurs during their stay the rescue will need to seperate them and will treat any minor wounds. If serious injury occurs piggies will be taken to our vet at pinewood veterinary practice to be treated. Any costs incurred in these events will be sent to the owners.

Holiday Care: About Us
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