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Recovery & Moving forward

Animal suffering is one of the biggest issues affecting our society today. 

We see a number of animals come into rescue which have a number of health issues such as: 

- Neglect

- Injury

- Illness

When dealing with these cases, our first call is to our trusted vet - Pinewood Vets. 

Our vet will check over the animals for illness, injury and advise us the best course of action. In many cases a course of medication and some good old TLC is all they need. We NEVER put an animal to sleep that can be saved or isn't in danger of immediate death. 

Many pets come to us with neglect issues, this can be from poor husbandry, lack of grooming or being fed the wrong food items. We ensure every guinea pig that is brought into our care is groomed, mite treated and weighed, before having a good cuddle and a bowl full of food. 

We rely on donations to pay for vet bills and treatments needed. If you can help us with this, please click the link below. 

Rehabilitation: About Us
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