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Snuggle with the Single Boars

Single Boars come into us following the passing of a cage mate.

Most of these Boars will be Bonded in our inhouse bonding sessions with yours single Boar or with single each other if we have space to do so.

In some cases Boars will decide that they do not want another friend or just do not like other males altogether.

These Boars can happily live on there own with a special owner who will give them lots of attention.

Image by Karlijn Prot


  • 2 Guinea Pigs

  • 2nd Hand Indoor Cage

  • Sawdust

  • Hay

  • Food

  • 2nd Hand Hide

  • Chube

  • Water Bottle

  • Bowl

  • Cleaner

  • Treats


- Please order before pickup

- Subject to availability

- Can be amended to suit your needs

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