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Sweet Little Sows

Sows can live in groups of 2 or more.

There is no real limit to the amount of sows you can put together. Just the limit of how much space you have.

It is rare, however, sometimes  you can come across a female that is aggressive. These piggies are best with a neutered male.

Sows can sometimes be a little bit more skittish, but with regular handling can get calmer.

Image by Garrett Hayes


  • 2 Guinea Pigs

  • 2nd Hand Indoor Cage

  • Sawdust

  • Hay

  • Food

  • 2nd Hand Hide

  • Chube

  • Water Bottle

  • Bowl

  • Cleaner

  • Treats


- Please order before pickup

- Subject to availability

- Can be amended to suit your needs

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